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About eHost

It is a hosting company, headquartered in the US, which works on the market for over 19 years. This company delivers its services for over a million of customers. eHost became popular because of its low-cost and high-quality services.

Services and Offers

eHost is the one of the most simple providers. They have only one offer for you – low-cost hosting plan, but it is completed by a variety of unique features. This low-cost plan offers you an unlimited number of MySQL databases, storage space, bandwidth and domains. You can rapidly create your site with the help of their convenient builder with thousands of ready-to-use templates along with easy install application. This app will help you to install and configure all the popular CMS applications like Durpal, Joomla, Wordpress. Every account registered in eHost gets free virus checking, filters and emails.

For those, who want to build their business online, there is a variety of different stores for ready PayPal integration. If you want it to, your online shop can get the social network integration along with different useful features. Every feature of your account can be managed through the very convenient cPanel.

Of course, eHost has many different free things to help your start: Yahoo ad credit, Google AdWords credit, free domain name, different kinds of listings and free US phone number. You may also like the cloud storage eHost provides for free, which is sponsored by

Yes, eHost provides an unlimited disk space for its clients, but their policy explains that it can’t be used for storage purposes and they have the right to permanently delete the accounts that use disk space as file storage.

Customer service of eHost

Their qualitative support services are available 24/7/365 through chats, emails and phone calls. All the support calls will be answered within 2 minutes. If you want to solve the problem by your own, eHost has an amazing FAQ-base with well-explained guides for solving different kinds of problems.

eHost also offers a service of transferring your website from another domain, but it is not listed in their services package, so no one will guarantee the timeframe of this work.

Backup and Protection

eHost delivers all kinds of protective services and constant network monitoring. All the information from your personal sphere of life (Phone number, credit cards, etc.) is received with the help of SSL and stored in heavily-encrypted form.

Automated backups are also included to your service-package, but they are performed once a week and will be stored for another week. If your website contains more than 20GB of information, backups will not be made for you, but the system will copy your databases instead.

Even though the highest possible level of protection is delivered, it is recommended for eHost clients to setup their own backup systems in order to improve the protection.

Uptime of eHost

It is guaranteed 99.99% uptime (except all the aspects of scheduled shutdowns). Once the company fails this guarantee, every account receives a free month of service.

Cancelation and Payments

eHost has a 45-day system of money back for all the services you have ordered. Any cancellation requests in that period will be completely refunded (excluding the price for domain registration)

Another kind of refund is also possible – all the cancellations and refund request after 45-day period will be refunded partially. Every cancellation request should be sent through the form in your control panel.

Any payment can be made through any credit card, wire transfer, checks, Western Union and even in cash. Every hosting-plan for eHost will be considered as an auto-renewed, unless other settings are installed.

To Sum it Up

If you are looking for a simple hosting without any excessive services, just to start your online business, you may want to try eHost out. If you hate to read a lot of unnecessary information and want to just press a button and get your website ready – you may want to try eHost out. If you like free credits and other free features – you may want to try eHost out.

It also will fit the requirements of people that search for simple business-solutions. If you care about security of your business, you may also want to try eHost out.

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May 28, 2018
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